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Strategic benefits in each field are the ISO 20000 certification and the associated logo. Many companies in the public sector, for example, have already demanded compliance with ISO 20000 as a contract award prerequisite. Our staff at IQC The ISO Pros would be able to provide you with preparation and certification for your company when getting ISO 20000 certified in Hillsboro, Oregon (OR).

Acting in compliance with ISO 20000 standards and competent capital management practice also gives the organization internal rewards, since the standard is to offer adequate resources to customers by providing certain services as efficiently as possible. What’s more, the decision to seek ISO 20000 certification provides a straightforward target for the organization and encourages you to concentrate on what’s important. The ISO 20000 certification initiative is also a good way to kick-start the introduction of service management best practices and ensuring that morale stays high.

ISO 20000 Certified hillsboro or

How does ISO 20000 operate?

In order to achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification, the organization must utilize the services of the certification authority. And a Certification Authority is an agency responsible for delivering certification to companies who need their services and fulfilling the criteria of the standard they wish to be certified against. The following are examples of certification bodies: SGS, BSI, Bureau Veritas, etc.

The rules and specifications to be met with by other ISO: ISO 17021 certificates must also be audited and authorized by local authorities, such as accreditation bodies. Every nation has an accreditation body that is responsible for auditing the certification bodies in order to ensure that they meet the standards of the referenced level.

Satisfied customers

ISO 20000 will encourage the organization to pursue a comprehensive approach to ensure that the policies, procedures, and processes needed to deliver effective IT services are accessible to you. You essentially provide a smooth operation to fulfill the needs of the customer by bringing secure systems into practice. ISO 20000 means that all personnel is aware of who is doing what and why ensuring that employees and processes are under control and working towards the same objective. Not only does this mean that the products and services are delivered to satisfy customer requirements, but it also allows you to monitor and optimize costs.

Why should you choose our organization?

For several years, we have been pioneering standards, and we are the leader in the sector today. In order to gain an edge over their rivals, we serve multiple customers, ranging from big global brands to creative small companies. As one of the few organizations in Hillsboro, Oregon (OR) that recognizes standards from beginning to end, we not only evaluate how well you meet them, we create innovative standards from scratch, and we train teams around the world to allow successful use of them. Our know-how is going to transform the industry for the better.

Companies remain heavily dependent on internal and external service suppliers as IT services begin to grow and integrate into all fields of activity. But unprepared vendors can quickly find themselves struggling to meet even the lowest efficiency and customer satisfaction standards. With a range of experience in certified management systems certification, IQC The ISO Pros is ideally qualified to partner with you to reach customer standards and exceed industry requirements.

Provide the ISO/IEC 20000 architecture with the certification of the first formal international standard for IT service management with the recognition it deserves. Demonstrate that, either internally or as an external provider, you have the right ITIL process and procedures to have reliable, efficient, and stable IT facilities and ITIL systems. Call IQC The ISO Pros today if you are searching for certification.

IQC The ISO Pros can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications: